Finding success by choice,

not by chance.

  No matter what color, sex, faith, degree of education, financial status or cultural difference, are you prepared to rise to every occasion which is demanding of you? Whether you are in a place of business or personal environment, what you do carries great influence on what you experience.

Some of what we learn is developed from the experience of others. Some of what is learned is developed from trial and error, first hand.

And let's face it, we're all human, we make mistakes. And when  we make them, we don't necessarily manage ourselves in the most effective ways either. Many times, an outburst occurs and we are left with an array of new challenges moving forward on top of what initially must be addressed.

   The term "product of your environment" is both inciteful and misleading. Yes you absorb from what is around you. Remember, we're human, we learn from one another. However, when we reach a level of self awareness, our decision making begins to determine our path. You can continue to represent what surrounds you or you can decide what you represent for yourself. That is where the real fun begins.

   We develop into our improved selves when we learn. And each one of us have been learning since we were born. The manner, of how we learn, shapes our individual perspectives. Now the manner of how you choose to continue learning can improve your experience in nearly everything you involve yourself with.

   With 5 years of development, The Mind Prepared™ is a structured professional performance education program, designed to improve the effectiveness of individual performance. This is achieved through dignified engagement, inviting collaboration and inquisitive nature. This also improves the healthy composure of each person, as we share physiological design issues regarding conflict. Work, school or home, this program has the ability to improve our interactions, despite our temporary misunderstanding between one another, face to face , and more recently, online. Online interactivity is a modern element which now affects our social development.


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Mission Statement

This program is designed to improve the effectiveness of an individuals performance, in both personal and professional environments, through in depth, structured performance preparedness.  This will be achieved by improving healthy composure during and after performing, while increasing individual and collective productivity.

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"We all have this incredible ability. But not everyone is aware it exists in them. Many are convinced otherwise for a variety reasons".

Brandon Silvestry

founder of The Mind Prepared™ Professional Performance Education


Known world wide as "The Professional", a dynamic  presenter, with an interactive approach  to some of the most difficult , commonly shared  experiences we face. With two decades of international  experience, Brandon succeeded, under challenging and sometimes, harsh conditions, with major companies, such as World Wrestling Entertainment, Warner Bros, video game industry giants, like MIDWAY, THQ, and 2K, United States law enforcement and civil servant risk management and  international television networks on five continents. A proficient speaker, voice actor, motion capture and martial artist, as well as hall of fame pro-wrestler, Brandon's in depth understanding of the requirements of professional performance and the composure needed to accomplish what is requested duty of an individual, is recognized, deconstructed, reviewed and reconstructed to reveal the conflict preparedness of The Mind Prepared™.